How Long Does a Vinyl Siding Last on a Home?

Today, vinyl siding is featured on more than 30 percent of U.S. homes. The rise in popularity has a lot to do with advancements made to enhance the material’s looks as well as its durability. Today’s high-end vinyl products are…

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Roof Overlays: How To Overlay the Roof of a House

Over time, the shingles of a roof can take some major wear-and-tear. If not appropriately treated, worn or broken roof shingles can lead to leaking and structural issues for your home. One course of action is to hire contractors to…

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Cedar Impressions® Siding from CertainTeed

Looking for a wonderful natural-look aesthetic for your home that is durable, affordable, and will boost your home’s value and curb-appeal? The Cedar Impressions® line from CertainTeed may be the answer. Cedar Impressions® siding is high-end vinyl shingles that are…

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