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Cedar Shake Siding Replacement in NJ

“Gary and his staff were knowledgeable and dealt with all my concerns and answered all my questions in detail to my satisfaction. The work crew was professional, showed up on time, and took pride in their work (did not rush / took no shortcuts). ” — Thomas Schuller, Millington, NJ

As a natural wood product, cedar shake siding continues to attract homeowners looking for a more timeless, unique look than offered by vinyl siding.

In addition to its rustic aesthetic, cedar siding offers many other added benefits. Cedar siding can help absorb sound better, save more in energy costs with better insulation, and can provide better long-term value to a home with its added protection against weatherization and premature finish degradation.

Cedar wood siding is also a more environmentally friendly option because it requires minimal processing and treatment and is completely biodegradable once its lifetime of use is complete.

For over 15 years, NJ homeowners have trusted Powell’s Roofing & Siding to get their cedar siding installations done properly. Our wood siding specialists have a length of experience counseling and customizing our clients’ high-quality, eco-friendly, energy-saving cedar siding designs.

The natural wood products we use are flush with unique tones and patterns lending rich, brown warmth to a home’s exterior that is both original looking and highly durable.

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Our Cedar Siding Services

Wooding Siding Installation in NJ

Cedar Siding Repairs

Whether you have wood shingles or shake siding in need of repair, our team of professionals can restore your home’s exterior to the way it was when it was first put on. Apart from wood siding repairs, we offer maintenance strategies and can also refinish or repaint cedar siding for clients to help them maintain their property’s looks.

Cedar Siding Repair in NJ

Cedar Siding Replacement

If the time has come to replace the siding on your home, our cedar siding replacement services will give you a chance to bring a fresh beauty to your home’s exterior and add major value to your home. Our cedar shake siding is naturally resistant to water, decay and insects, providing a long lifespan to your siding for years to come.

Cedar Shake Siding Installation in NJ

Cedar Siding Estimates

The cedar shake siding costs can vary greatly based on the existing type of siding and the surface area of your home. From red cedar to white cedar clapboard siding, our natural wood products come in a wide variety of styles to match each customer’s taste. We can help you choose from prefinished wood cedar siding as well as natural finish depending on what your preferences may be. Contact us today for a free estimate on wood siding repairs and replacements!


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