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As one of the most important assets of any home, the roof may not always get the attention it deserves. Routine inspections and maintenance are a part of our week-to-week lives — whether it’s gutter maintenance and lawn care, or car inspections and automotive care. We put a lot of time and care in maintaining personal property and assets, yet when it comes to one of the most important structural assets of our home, we might struggle to answer the question, “When did you last have a roof inspection?”

While our attention is tied up in our daily lives and general upkeep of other home projects, the roof is often out-of-sight and out-of-mind. In addition to that, if there is no apparent problem with our roofs, we might just take an ‘If it’s not broken don’t fix it’ attitude. Normally, roof trouble starts small and doesn’t provide a lot of fuss. Over time, however, particularly during NJ’s hurricane seasons, those once-small structural problems can escalate into much more immediate emergency situations.

Fortunately, preventative maintenance like regular home roof inspections can help identify potential causes for concern before it is too late. By being proactive and using professional roof inspection services on an annual basis, homeowners can homeowners can save on needless roofing repair bills while extending the overall life of their roofs by many years.

Powell’s Roofing & Siding has offered quality roof inspection services in NJ at affordable prices since 1999. We fostered many deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients and are deeply invested with the residents in Westfield, NJ and throughout greater northern NJ. If you are looking for an honest and affordable home roof inspection, give our roof survey specialists a call, and we’ll be more than happy to give you price quotes of our roof inspection services and answer your general roofing questions. Contact today!

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Our Roof Inspection Services

Roofing Inspections in NJ

Assessing Your Roof’s Age & Checking For Improper Installation

Whether we are looking into purchasing a new home or have lived in the same one for generations, many of us may not know the age or condition of our roof. Yet this could be extremely important information when buying or selling a home and assessing its value.  Professional home roof inspection will ensure that your roof was installed properly and ensure it isn’t nearing the end of its lifespan.

Inspecting Roofs in NJ

Assessing Shifts In Building Frame & Shifts Building Foundation

Over time, many structural events can take place with a building or home without us knowing. Shifts in the frame or foundation of a home or building can spell trouble for the integrity of a roof. Powell’s roof inspection services include assessing shift in building foundation and frame in order to spot any impending trouble your home’s roof might be in before an emergency occurs.

Roof Inspection Service in NJ

Assessing Weather Damage & Normal Wear-And-Tear

Throughout the year, our roofs take the brunt of mother nature’s inclement weather, from hurricanes to blizzards. It’s quite normal for our rooftops to take some knocks, and our professional roof survey services will spot these little problems before they escalate beyond normal wear-and-tear. We will assess chipped or missing shingles, damaged flashing, dark or wet patches, damaged gutters and much more!


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