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When it comes to your roof, flashing is a critical protector against water damage. The waterproofing material typically features under the shingles or tiles of your roof and keeps water from leaking inside your home.

While there are some excellent flashing material options to choose from, copper flashing offers some significant advantages. It is known for its beauty, low maintenance, and a long lifespan. The resale value of homes is also boosted with copper flashing. And copper doesn’t need to be replaced when you need a new roof, unlike many other flashing materials.

If you are considering a copper flashing installation, it is important to have specialists on hand can ensure your copper flashing provides the expected long life and reliable performance it is known for.

Powell’s Roofing & Siding has provided high-quality copper flashing installations throughout NJ since 1999. Our team has comprehensive expertise in installing copper flashing on chimneys, valleys, around dormers, and on high-drainage areas. Our roofing experts have spent years building significant relationships with NJ homeowners through affordable, quality work that is done right the first.

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Copper Flashing Information, Installation & Repair Services

Copper Flashing Repair NJ

How Is Copper Flashing Installed?

Due to the problems that can arise from poorly installed copper flashing, only trained professionals should perform a copper flashing installation. Copper flashing is installed under shingles or tiles where two roofs intersect or at penetrations in the roof. Copper flashing is typically installed with copper roofing materials such as shingles and gutters. However, it can be installed with other types of roofing materials as well. Homeowners typically install copper flashing on chimney, valleys, around dormers, or on high-drainage areas of the roofline for greater protection.

Copper Flashing Installation NJ

How Long Does Copper Flashing Last?

One of the most durable materials that can be used for flashing is copper. According to the Center for Resourceful Building Technology, copper roofing materials can last upwards of 100 years. Copper is also excellent in coastal environments as it has a natural resistance to saltwater corrosion. Over time, copper flashing changes color from its bright and shiny new look to a darkened greenish color. This patina gives a roof character.

Copper Flashing NJ

How Much Does Copper Flashing Cost?

Installation of copper flashing can vary depending on the roof’s needs and the fluctuating cost of copper flashing rolls in the market. Prices for flashings are generally “price in effect” in correlation with variations of market cost for copper. Upfront cost can be offset by how well copper roofing materials last and age over time, exuding a character that is not typically found in other roofing materials.


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