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While they may only be a peripheral piece to your home’s chimney system, a chimney cap is still vital to the efficiency and safety of your home’s fireplace. Not to be confused with a chimney crown or chase cover, chimney caps typically appear as a metal structure that covers the opening on the very top of a chimney.

A few key benefits to having chimney cap installation done on your home include moisture protection, prevention against cold drafts entering the home, roof protection against sparks and embers that rise from your home’s fireplace, and prevention of animal invasion.

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Since 1999, New Jersey homeowners have trusted Powell’s Roofing for our expertise across a comprehensive range of chimney projects, from chimney cap installation to chimney repairs.

As experienced roof technicians with specialists in chimney cap installation, our company provides detailed consultation and free estimates for any chimney project. Our communication and relationships with our customers are our company’s top priority for each and every project — a commitment that has consistently earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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Chimney Cap Installation in NJ

What is a chimney cap installation?

As mentioned, chimney cap installation is done to provide coverage at the very top of your home’s chimney. While the chimney cap installation process is not typically complicated, you’ll want to enlist the help of professionals to ensure your chimney cap is appropriate for your chimney and that the installation goes smoothly.

Chimney Cap Installation in NJ

How do you install a chimney cap?

Chimney cap installations are most commonly done by mounting the metal chimney cap to the chimney crown. This can be done by using adhesive or masonry anchors to attach the cap sides to the top crown of your chimney. A Professional chimney cap installation company will be able to provide the appropriate materials for your particular project.

Chimney Cap Installation in NJ

How much does chimney cap installations cost?

Of course, chimney cap costs can vary based on materials needed and the condition of the chimney on a particular home’s roof. For a free chimney cap installation estimate, contact Powell’s today.


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