Siding Installation in Westfield, NJ

Trusted Siding Installation Contractors Serving the Westfield, NJ Area Since 1999!

Siding Installation in Westfield, NJ

“Gary and his staff were knowledgeable and dealt with all my concerns and answered all my questions in detail to my satisfaction. The work crew was professional, showed up on time, and took pride in their work (did not rush / took no shortcuts).”  — Thomas Schuller, Millington, NJ

As one of the first lines of defense against the harsh seasonal weather of New Jersey, house siding can be an incredibly effective way of adding dependable, low-maintenance and visually appealing protection to your home. Modern home siding installation not only features a wider variety of siding styles that enhance a home’s curb appeal better than ever before, but modern insulated siding advancements are also allowing homeowners to save more and more on monthly energy costs.

Overall, today’s siding options add a beauty, better value, and much-needed protection to the exterior of your home.

Since 1999, Powell’s Roofing and Siding has been assisting clients throughout New Jersey in protecting and upgrading the look of their homes with the latest home siding products and solutions. Whether you are interested in vinyl siding or rustic wood siding such as cedar siding, there are an incredible variety of siding styles and siding colors to suit the particular style you envision for your house.

Our local business has been providing siding installation services in the Westfield, NJ area since 1999. We always strive to make sure that your home’s siding installation is done with high-quality workmanship and is done on time.

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Our Siding Services

Siding Installation in NJ

What Is Included in Our Siding Installation Services?

Our siding products are long lasting, durable, affordable and easy to maintain. Our quality siding installation services include various siding options from wood to vinyl siding installation. We can help you weigh your siding options with an initial consultation and free estimate. Our siding contractors can also help you with the diverse selections of grains, thicknesses, and siding colors that might appeal to you as you transform your home!

Siding Repair in NJ

What Are Your Siding Options Today?

Today, there are multiple siding options available for your home, and each comes with their advantages and can fit your budget. These options include cedar siding, vinyl siding, and fiber cement home siding. Each different option is available in a variety of styles and colors from which you can choose. To determine the right siding options for your home, contact us today. Our siding installation experts will contact you to discuss what the best options are for your home based on your preferences and your budget.

Siding Replacement in NJ

What Does Siding Installation Cost?

How much it costs to install siding depends on a variety of factors including the type of material and the size of your home. Siding comes in a variety of materials, including vinyl siding and cedar siding. These different options come with their advantages and vary in prices. Siding installation costs also include the removal and disposal of your existing siding and the cost of extra features such as fascia, soffits, and trim. To get an accurate estimate for new siding for your home, contact us today. Our siding installation contractors will come out to your home and provide you with a written quote as soon as possible.


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