New CertainTeed siding can instantly give your home the refresh it’s long needed. Along with giving it a “like new” makeover that you’ll enjoy, it can also make your home easier to sell later. But choosing your home’s siding can be much more about looks and resell value. Having long-lasting and dependable siding is an important consideration, given that it’s a critical line of defense against the elements or pests throughout the year.

CertainTeed® is one of the most trusted names in home improvement, and CertainTeed siding is one of the most popular choices in the country for homeowners exploring a home siding refresh. Why? The company has added many affordable, great-looking siding options over the years to fit almost any home style. Here are some of the benefits of their siding in case you are considering your home makeover.

1. CertainTeed siding options that fit your home.

CertainTeed siding features a wide variety of options that can match nearly any home style you are going for — from CertainTeed vinyl siding to polymer siding, composite siding, shake and shingle siding, stone facade siding, and much more. For those in search of a natural look (without the hassle of maintaining real wood siding), the company touts its Cedar Impression® siding as having the most authentic woods look in the industry with better-than-woods performance.

2. CertainTeed siding colors.

CertainTeed offers among the broadest siding color options in the industry, including some unique darker shades that have become extremely popular in recent years. With as many options as they offer, the company has helped out homeowners with their ColorCoach™ web tool and CurbAppeal® app, which allows users to virtually test out CertainTeed siding materials and colors on a 3D model.

3. Eco-friendly and long-lasting.

CertainTeed makes most of its siding products using recyclable materials and eco-friendly processes. This also includes limiting the valuable resources they use in shipping and installing materials. Overall, CertainTeed siding is highly durable and virtually maintenance-free, eliminating the need to paint or caulk. The company’s PermaColor™ Lifetime Fade Protection gives some added assurance that those colors won’t fade anytime soon.

Why do we choose CertainTeed siding?

Since we began nearly 20 years ago, Powell’s Roofing has stood by CertainTeed siding, and the company’s top-quality materials continue to keep our clients satisfied to this day. Powell’s siding specialists are well-versed in the latest siding solutions and can provide you with the best recommendations for your home and install beautiful siding that will last for years to come. If you are looking for where to buy Certainteed siding or further suggestions, contact Powell’s today.