Maintaining your home’s gutter system is one of the most important steps in protecting your home against flooding, instrumental in keeping the elements away from your home’s foundation and roof. However, over time your gutter system may require extensive repairs — getting to a point where it is more effective and cost-efficient in the long run to replace your gutter system entirely.

The question then becomes, how much do gutters cost? 

That depends largely on gutter type and material you choose. Gutters are often broken down into two families — sectional or seamless varieties. Seamless gutters typically offer much better protection for your home and require less maintenance, but they are more costly than sectional gutters. HomeAdvisor’s estimate is that a new seamless gutter system will range between $3 and $25 per foot, totaling between $599 and $1,512. In terms of how much gutters cost to install, the range varies based on the materials. The most popular of which are covered below.

Aluminum gutters: $4 to $9 per linear foot 

Pros: Perhaps the most popular gutter material, aluminum gutters are economical, easy to install, durable and easy to bend and shape. They can last at least 20-30 years and come in many color choices.

Cons: They can crack in freeze-thaw climates.

Copper: $15 to $25 per foot. 

Pros: Copper is an extremely durable gutter option that doesn’t rust, outlasts aluminum and can handle unpredictable weather. Some homeowners also prefer copper for its aesthetic appeal as it changes color by developing a greenish-blue patina over time.

Cons: Copper is perhaps the most expensive gutter material.

Stainless steel: $8 to $20 per foot.

Pros: Stainless steel gutters and downspouts will last a lifetime if properly maintained and are resistant to rust.

Cons: Costly in terms of material and maintenance compared to other options.

Vinyl: $3 to $5 per foot. 

Pros: Vinyl is perhaps the most economical gutter material, light and easy to install.

Cons: Can crack in cold weather and less durable than other options.

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