Overflowing gutters. During storm season, it’s often the root of the problem when a home suffers from basement flooding and costly water damage.

For this reason, it’s prudent to have your gutters routinely cleaned — ideally just before winter weather hits — to help prolong your system’s lifespan and maximize its efficiency. The next step for homeowners is budgeting and finding the right professionals for the job.

So, How Much Does a Gutter Cleaning Cost?

According to Angie’s List, homeowners can expect to pay around $125 to $175 when hiring a professional to come clean gutters. However, certain factors will affect the cost of the job.

What are those factors and how much should you budget for? Here, we’ll dive into some gutter cleaning services and costs to expect as you start your search for the most cost-efficient, high-quality gutter cleaners.

What To Expect When Hiring Gutter Cleaning Services

A typical gutter cleaning service should involve a routine gutter inspection and removal of any leaves, insects, nests, sticks, and other debris that have built up. Your gutter system will be flushed out to ensure that the gutter and downpipes are working optimally.

The size of your property and the severity of gutter blockage will most likely be the biggest determinants when it comes to estimating the cost of gutter cleaning services. Extra safety measures that are needed by your contractors, such as the use of special safety ladders needed for tricky landscaping conditions or for multi-story homes, may also factor in costs. Additional services may be requested or suggested by your professionals during inspection depending on the condition of your system. Such added services might include removing or reinstalling gutter screens, working on any additional gutter repairs needed, tightening fasteners, or resealing end caps and outlets, for example.

Gutter Cleaning Pricing

There are a few ways that gutter cleaning contractors can base their charges. Some services calculate cost based on property height (such as $1 per foot on single-story buildings, and $2 per foot on two-story buildings) and/or linear length of the gutter itself. Other services may simply charge based upon the square footage of your home. Here are some rough estimates:

  • Between $70-$200 for single-story 1,500 sq. ft. homes with 150 linear feet of gutters.
  • Between $90-$225 for single-story 2,000 sq. ft. home with 160-180 linear feet of gutters.
  • Between $100-$250 two-story 2,500 sq. ft. home with 200 linear feet of gutters.

Why Hire Gutter Cleaning Professionals?

There are many reasons to enlist the help of a trusted professional gutter cleaning service. A professional gutter cleaning crew with the right equipment and expertise can conduct routine gutter cleaning and repairs that are done thoroughly, affordably and safely. During your seasonal inspection, an expert team will be able to spot potential issues with your gutter system long before they create costly damage to your home. Furthermore, most professional services offer discounted rates for recurring seasonal gutter cleaning.

For a free estimate to learn how much gutter cleaning costs for your home, contact us today.