When it comes to home siding, vinyl siding is an amazingly durable and versatile material that can enhance the look and condition of any home.

However, over time vinyl siding will naturally begin to see a buildup of dirt, grime and stains from a long list of elements that it frequently comes into contact with — storm weather, pollen, birds and insects, mold and mildew, and much more. Over time, this buildup can break through your siding and begin to push your home’s siding panels apart.

Luckily, regular vinyl siding cleaning will be able to ensure that the integrity of your vinyl siding and have your home looking great year-round.

How to Clean Siding?

For most homes, vinyl siding is best washed using non-pressure or low-pressure methods with safe, high-quality detergents that are specifically designed to clean home siding. A common mistake when it comes to vinyl siding cleaning is to use high-pressure methods and harsh chemicals that can cause water damage to the home, as well as surface damage to your siding.

What does vinyl siding services entail?

Siding cleaning services offer more than siding cleaning, which can be critical to improving the condition of your home. Before cleaning, siding cleaning professionals will often inspect the siding for cracks, wear and tear, and loose panels that may lead to costly repairs down the road if left unchecked. Vinyl siding cleaning companies will also safely and effectively improve the appearance of the vinyl siding using low pressure and home-safe vinyl siding cleaning solutions. Your vinyl siding cleaning service will be able to remove all stains, dirt, moss, algae, and pests in order to make your siding look like new.

How much is a siding cleaning service?

The cost of vinyl siding cleaning will ultimately depend on factors that include size of your home, or extend of wear-and-tear on your siding. However, according to Angie’s List, most professional vinyl siding services range in cost from $275 to $400. For a free vinyl siding cleaning estimate, contact today.