Changing the exterior color of your home is no small thing, and it’s often a significant decision that can completely rejuvenate your home and boost its curb appeal. On the flip side, getting the decision wrong can be much more costly to correct than simply changing the colors of a room inside your home.

For that reason, neutral colors continue to be among the most popular vinyl siding colors in 2022 because they can appeal to the largest group of homebuyers should you ever want to sell in the future. However, there are other trendy vinyl siding colors out there. Here are a few popular vinyl siding colors in 2022 to help you choose the best color for your home.

Some popular vinyl siding colors in 2022 include:

  • White: A timeless classic that is perhaps the most versatile with any color combinations you might have in mind.
  • Yellow: A trending vinyl color for 2022 because of its ability to brighten up a home, particularly when paired with white or beige trim. It also has the bonus of making your home appear more prominent.
  • Browns: A classic color with many shade options that can make your home picturesque, particularly when combined with snow or ivory white windows and doors.
  • Sage Green: A popular vinyl siding color in 2022 that blends with natural surroundings, sage green appears in more homes because it works well with a broader array of color combinations than many other greens.
  • Blue: A soothing color that typically mixes well with white or gray accents. Of course, bold shades of blue are available should you want your home to boast an eye-catching effect.

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Siding Color In 2022

Perhaps the most common consideration when choosing a vinyl siding color is to pick one that compliments your home’s roof color, home style and home size. Some colors may look right on a smaller house but appear too overpowering on a larger one. Matching your siding color with your roof color is also essential and often leads homeowners to opt for light to mid-scale colors complimenting black, brown and gray roofs.

You should consult your trusted roofers and use online tools such as the Certainteed Siding and Roof Color Visualizer to explore color options that appeal to you. 

When in doubt, choose timeless colors like white. Such neutral colors typically help boost a home’s resale value the most. 

Of course, Powell’s has decades of experience with Certainteed products, and our siding experts will be able to offer you a free consultation if you are deciding the best vinyl siding color to fit your home in 2022. For more on vinyl siding and products, contact Powell’s today.