Roof Replacement in Summit, NJ

Roof Replacement in Summit, NJ

Simulated Roof with Copper Valleys & Snow Gaurds

This was a roof replacement in Summit, NJ that we did in 2015. The customer had an old slate roof and still wanted the appearance of slate. But the customer also wanted a roofing material that was more durable than real slate.

So we provided them with a new simulated slate roof for CertainTeed. Specifically, this was the CertainTeed Grand Manor simulated slate shingles in the Fieldstone color. This roofing material really has an elegant style and looks great on homes with steep sloped roofs. They are manufactured to really provide the depth and dimension of a natural slate roof. For more information on this simulated slate roofing materials, download the brochure.

To complete the elegance of the simulated slate roofing here, we installed copper flashing, valleys and snow guards. This was one our favorite roof replacement projects in Summit, NJ.

  • Tear off old slate roofing
  • Installed new simulated slate roof
  • Installed copper flashing, valleys and snow guards

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