Roof Valley

Anyone who takes time to observe the shape of their home’s roof may notice that there is an area where two roof surfaces meet or intersect, also known as a roof valley.

Roof valleys are an extremely common design feature in most homes. However, roof valleys are also one of the most common areas where roof leaking will occur. There are many reasons that your home’s roof valleys may need repair, from basic old age to previous repair work that may have been done improperly. Enlisting the help of trusted roof contractors will help you maintain these all-important areas on your roof.

Why Do Roof Valleys Leak?

For the most part, a majority of roofs consist of a flat expanse made of non-permeable material that protects the roof structure and the home’s interior — such as asphalt shingles, or metal or slate tiles. When two flat roofing surfaces meet, however, a valley is created. That valley is not as protected, and typically creates a channel for moisture to run off the roof.

Because moisture is drawn to this channel, roof valleys can deteriorate more quickly than other areas of the roof. This problem is enhanced if leaves and debris build up in the channel. When roof valleys become clogged, water can begin to pool up, causing flashing to weaken and corrode.

Can You Repair a Roof Valley Leak?

Absolutely. Typically, repairs are necessary for roof valleys of older houses, which are often comprised of layers of roofing paper. Over time, these layers may deteriorate. Other times, shingles may be overlapped to create a valley, leaving some space under the shingles for rainwater to leak in.

Roof valley repairs involve removing old shingles and installing a sheet-metal flashing that spans the valley to protect it from water entry.

Do Roof Valleys Need Flashing?

More often than not, roof valley repairs involve the use of flashing. The flashing is typically made of non-permeable materials such as metal sheets or roof rolls. These flashing materials are normally placed over the valley from top to bottom to seal out moisture.

If you want to learn more about maintaining your home’s roof valleys or receive a free estimate for roof valley repair on your home, contact today!