With winter finally behind us, the start of warmer weather marks an excellent time to get your home back to looking its best. Giving your home the refresh it deserves before summer is easier with a spring home maintenance checklist. Here are our top spring maintenance tips that you can make part of your annual spring home maintenance routine.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Checkpoint 1: Roof

After the winter months, it’s normal for some wear-and-tear to occur on your home’s roof and chimney. While you don’t have to climb up there yourself, it’s still helpful to take a look from the ground and take stock of any spots in need of repair. If you have extensive damage, particularly after a storm, it’s best to take photos for insurance purposes.

  • Damaged Shingles/Tiles and Chimney: On the roof itself, missing and cracked shingles, or shingle-shift, can be spotted. You’ll want it shielded from the increase in rain during the spring by having new shingle replacements installed by your roofer. If your home has a masonry chimney, check to make sure the joints between bricks or stones are intact or if they need repair. Also, be on the lookout for a white calcium-like deposit, which could mean that the chimney is no longer repelling water.
  • Mold & Algae: Mold and algae go where moisture is. Throughout the winter, these roof pests may have been growing around your roof’s shingles or chimney if moisture had collected. While there are chemicals for roof mold and algae removal, it’s best to consult a roofer before using them.
  • Flashing: Strips of metal, called flashing, are often found on your roof. They protect valleys, protrusions and other breaks on the roof from water intrusion. Check for signs of damage.

Checkpoint 2: Home Siding

After a long winter, your home’s siding can become faded, making spring a great time for cleaning using a DIY solution or professional help. But, be on the lookout for water stains from improperly functioning gutters. This water damage wreaks havoc on the integrity of the siding. But it also invites pests such as ants, woodpeckers and molds that begin to degrade the exterior of your home.

Checkpoint 3: Foundation

One of your spring home checklist’s most important inspection points is your home’s foundation. Look from the top down to identify any masonry cracks, which can lead to costly damage. If you notice cracks in the foundation, it’s best to consult a foundation specialist. They might be able to bond the cracks and preserve your home’s foundation.

Checkpoint 4: Gutters

Your gutter system helps protect your roof from water damage. After the winter, it’s time to make sure it continues its vital role through spring showers. Damage can occur during the icy weather, or leaves and debris can clog your gutters. Check to ensure your system is clear of debris and any other damage that can prevent it from functioning. Having routine gutter maintenance services a few times a year is the best option.

Of course, contacting your local roofers is one of the most effective and safe ways of taking care of your home with post-winter jobs that should be on every homeowner’s spring home maintenance checklist. For more spring maintenance tips for your home, contact Powell’s today.