What Causes a Roof Leak?

One of the most stressful home repair situations for a homeowner is a leaky roof. Just a small drip can be a sign of a more significant roofing issue that can lead to substantial investment of time and money if not appropriately treated.  To help you understand what might be causing your rook to leak, we’ve compiled a list of the usual suspects.


Even the best materials and highest quality roof construction is no match for father time. Every roof has a lifespan and as roofing materials deteriorate with age, they and become less effective at keeping water out. Roofing materials can crack over time. Tar connecting the shingles can melt or give way under the elements over time. It is always important to know what your roof is made out of, when it was installed and what the expected lifespan is for your particular roofing material. This will help give you an indication of whether your roof’s natural lifespan is coming to an end.

Roof Vents

Roof vents usually appear like small pipes sticking out of the top of your roof. It’s essential for these to be adequately sealed to prevent leaks. Inspect the gaskets around vent pipes for cracks or gaps and be on the lookout for corresponding dark spots that may occur if your vents are the cause of a leak.

Debris & Gutter Backup

The buildup of debris such as branches, sticks or leaves can trap water against the roof or gutter, allow it to pool and seep into areas of the roof. It’s important to keep the roof and gutter clear to permit water to run off and away from your home quickly. Gutter cleaning or tree trimming services can ensure your roof is free of debris.


Flashing is the thin pieces of metal that are installed under shingles. They typically provide a water-resistant barrier where the roof joins a dormer, where a chimney penetrates the roof and around the edges of skylights. Often, tar is used to seal the flashing together. If your flashing is exposed for any reason, elements like wind and rain could cause flashing to crack and cause a leak.

Missing Shingles

As the exterior layer of a roof, shingles are quite important for protection against leaks. However, winds and heavy rains can rip shingles from the roof. You may be able to identify missing shingles by seeing different-colored patches on your roof. Sometimes shingles may even be blown onto the yard, indicating a need for roofers to assess the repair.

Of course, if you are struggling and are unsure what is causing your roof leak, professional roofers will be able to identify and repair the cause of the leak quickly. For a free consultation or to contact our expert roof repair contractors, call us today.